SOLI'CITES in an international non profit founded in France in 2011

We are fighting against Poverty Empowering Women, Girls and Youth by helping implementing decelopping and financing projects in the field of  Education, Agriculture, Health, Culture, Sports & Arts. We are facilitating access to infrastructures and materials  for Children, Women and people in need  in rural areas in Cameroon, Africa and wherever we can.

Before SOLI’CITES, all our members were involved in various humanitarian organizations as volunteers, or helped sisters NGOs to raise funds for Education, Health and children oriented projects in Africa​.

Progress cannot be achieved without Education. Ong SOLI'CITÉS made ​​Education and Women empowerment its spearhead. We would like to provide the opportunity to people to learn

and be actors of their own future, in their own countries.


Gabriel's Private & Luxury Services is the umbrella of Ong SOLI'CITES. 

GABRIEL'S gives 10% of its benefits to selected non profits.

 Mardi 03 ecembre 2019 LE MARDI DES DONS


Aujourd'hui c'est le GIVING TUESDAY un mouvement de générosité mondial qui vous donne la possibilité de transformer leurs communautés et le monde entier. Faites un don en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous.

Today is the GIVING TUESDAY a movement of global generosity that gives you the opportunity to transform their communities and the world. Make a donation by clicking on the link below.

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