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  " Understand, Raise awareness, Act! "


 "SOLI'CITES NICE" is an International non profit founded in France 2011. We are fighting against poverty by promoting Education, Culture, Sports & Arts in Africa, Europe, and anywhere we can help.




"Solliciter "is a french word meaning " Call, pray insistently someone to obtain something " . Every time we were traveling back to our home countries, people were asking us to help them, especially for schools materials. For we,  children from the African Diaspora, who had the opportunity to study abroad, it is a duty to give back to our community.


Our objectives

  •  Raise awareness on Development issues and the importance of International Solidarity.

  • Fight against poverty and structural inequalities by providing support and assistance to projects related to Human Economic, and Sustainable Development.

  • Participate in the MDG (Millenium Development Goals)   helping children to build their own future in their countries.

  • Leading and developing information networks, exchanges, cooperation and partnerships, between North and South,

Our Values

  Our values are based on the concept of Solidarity, Equality, and sharing. Everyone has a talent and should have the opportunity to express it.

Few projects we funded or helped

Generating income activities for women in rural areas - Cameroon

Mentoring Class for Young Entrepreuneurs - New York

Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic New York

Sponsor Women entrepreuneurs - Nigeria

Le Bon Samariitain Health Foundation - Cameroon

La Passerelle Building a school in Fandène - Sénégal

Yopougon Orphanage helping children with parents with HIV- Ivory Coast

Le Trait d'union after school singing classes for youngster - Nice

Autistic Center in Bafoussam Gospel Concert - Cameroon

Katherina Hurricane - Nice for Louisiana

AADICC Integration and help for young children and women ...

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