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Renovate and Expand the school in village

 Expansion and renovation of a school (3 classrooms).

There is only 4 classrooms in the school, and the kindergarden share those classerooms with the olders. Teachers end up with more than 100 students per class, while the maximum allowed is 50 children (compare to 25-30 in France and in the US). The project is to build 3 more classrooms for each level to have their own classes and avoid

"L'école sous l'arbre " (meaning: The classroom under the tree )


Water supply,  latrines & Drinking Water

There’s a huge problem of Hygiene and Health that may cause a lot of diseases.

The school is not equipped with drinking water and sanitation are in a deplorable state. We would like to dig a well and add dry latrines in the school.


Class under the tree.

Improve Girls Education

Girls are usually kept at home and they are not educated  because the parents want them to help in the fields, and to be maried as soon as possible.  To avoid this situation, we will like to give 50 scholarships to 50 girls in rural areas.


Empowering Women and Girls in Rural Areas

We launched in early December  an exploratory mission conducted by our expert in situ, aiming to discover the needs of women living in rural areas. We found that women in rural Areas are struggling to have tools and to start working in the fields. They need also money to start generating incomes small business, and transportation to go to the city sell their production. 

A Pig Breeding Farm in Ivory Coast.

Incomes generating Activity . Creation of a breeding pig on a farm where we will train young people to breed pigs  This activity will allow them to earn money by selling the product of the farm and be autonomous.

Build the Library with a Internet Café

To Promote Education, Culture and Diversity  we wanted  to build a library in the main city with an Internet café that will benefit to the student in High School and other population in need around. by doing this, we are trying to close the digital gap in the district,  to enable people to be to inform , educated and autonomous .


Help a Youth center in Thailand

 A young women is helping young people living in the street by providing them a place to sleeep and food in her own house.

We'll like to help this woman by providing dormitory, beds, clothing and food.

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